First eco-district*

A pleasant eco-district to live in

A mixed-use eco-district is a success when the residential component blends seamlessly with service providers, retail outlets, sports facilities, play areas and leisure opportunities. The architecture of the site as a whole plays a major role here. Contemporary without being merely trendy, the architecture sets up a harmonious mix between residents’ private lives and sociability.

Techniques and materials were also selected by our designers for their low environmental impact, in both the construction and in use phases.

Passive, low-energy buildings

Mixed-use site (residential, commercial, leisure)
A sustainable neighbourhood will stand the test of time. Through the aesthetic and technical qualities of its construction, naturally, but mainly through the undeniable pleasure of living there, and the savings achieved in doing so. The architecture and passive construction method used can promise you that.

Green spaces and burble of the river Dyle

Here, the town and the greenery emerge from the earth together.
Nothing in this bold project was planned or designed in isolation. Always ensure respect for everything was the golden rule. Consequently, in this inviting location, the green spaces, pedestrianisation, connecting passageways, parking spaces, and public transport access points all serve the residential units while respecting their privacy and ensuring residents are as safe and satisfied as possible. The local park is incorporated through a development plan open to the world beyond the site so residents can feel part of it.

Quiet areas and places to meet

Filled with green spaces and pedestrian walkways, either newly-formed or rebuilt, this new district appears to its residents’ eyes to have the quiet, safe and friendly aspect of a village, perhaps even a hamlet, from yesteryear, yet enlivened by small squares, urban furniture, play areas and places to meet other people.

Non-motorised transport requirements recognised

There will be clear prioritisation on the new and refurbished roads and pathways to give greater comfort, flexibility and safety. Private cars, public transport and cycles combine and share routes on the complex without collisions. A multi-mode transport hub is planned, with a suburban railway station nearby and a platform moved for this project. Integration of train-bus ticketing, parking spaces created behind the Parc à Mitrailles for a “kiss and ride” facility.

Home sweet home

Feel at home, feel part of the community
The houses and apartments alike are built to be comfortable and to use little energy. Communal areas, such as for the waste recycling bins or bike parking, are designed as standalone facilities, which are much cheaper than using basement areas. The contemporary yet timeless architecture will offer you both the space and privacy that your private life requires. However the immediate outside environment, the retail outlets, services, the safeness and friendliness of the neighbourhood, plus nearby public transport connections, will all ensure a gain in value for your investment.

Comfortable and functional

All brand new, but it’s your home
All living areas are flawlessly finished with full fixtures and fittings to match your taste. Your personal touch will be seen to finish off the décor and give it some soul.
* Equilis plans to build the first eco-district in Walloon Brabant meeting the new (2014) standard developed by the regional government.